Suleiman Rashid Mohamed is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Policy and Planning at the Institute ofFinance Management (IFM). He received his MSc and PhD in Finance from the University of Strathclyde,UK; a BSc in Mathematics and Physics with Education from the University of Dar es Salaam and a PostgraduateDiploma in Financial Management from IFM, Tanzania.

On the professional and consulting development space, Dr Mohamed is a member of the Institute ofDirectors in Tanzania (IoDT) since September 2014. He is also an Associate Member of the CharteredInstitute for Securities and Investment (CISI) of London, United Kingdom and he is actively involvedin the process of promoting professionalism and professional standards by training traders and marketpractitioners within the securities and investment Industry in Tanzania.

Other consulting and executive training assignments of Dr Mohamed, within and outside Tanzania, havefocused on areas such as risk management, operations of financial markets, money markets instruments,bonds and stocks portfolio management, treasury management and Corporate Governance. Some ofhis clients include the Capital Markets & Securities Authority (CMSA), the Bank of Tanzania trainingInstitute, the Macro-Economic and Financial Management Institute of Eastern and Southern Africa and theWorld Bank through their assignment in 2004 focusing on training of financial innovations and derivativeinstruments for Central Bank Examiners in Tanzania.

Over fifty International and local workshops/conferences for practitioners and academicians in the areasof financial economics, Leadership Skills and Corporate Governance have been attended/conductedby Dr Mohamed. He has also authored and/or co-authored seven refereed articles in leading local andInternational Journals such as African Journal of Finance and Management (AJFM), Business ManagementReview (BMR), Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) Journal, Accounting-Accountability & Performance(AAP), Journal of Financial Regulations and Compliance (JFRC) and the Journal of Financial Research(JFR).

Different Public, Quasi-Public and Private sector Institutions have, at different times, engaged Dr Mohamedas an Independent-non-Executive Director. His extensive experience, expertise, skills and knowledgein Corporate Governance arena has contributed significantly in the effective and efficient running ofInstitutions such as Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA), the College of African Wildlife ManagementMweka (CAWMM) and the Zanzibar Insurance Corporation (ZIC). Others include the National Instituteof Transport (NIT), the Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA), the UTT- Asset Management and InvestorsServices (UTT-AMIS), the Zanzibar Social Security Fund (ZSSF), Index Management Advisory Committee(IMAC) of DSE, Barclays Bank of Tanzania (BBT) and the Tax Revenue Appeals Tribunal (TRAT).